What is Scaffolding in Construction?

Many people ask what is scaffolding in construction. There are many different types of scaffolding and they all serve a purpose on a construction job site.

The question is what is scaffolding and what can it do for me?

Below is an answer to that question presented by Sydney Scaffolding.

Answer: Scaffolding, also known as stage or scaffold, is usually a short, modular form used to help materials and a work team to help with the construction work, restoration and repair of buildings, tunnels and other manmade structures.

It can be used in a variety of capacities depending upon the project and its complexity. Some scaffolds are designed for one specific use, while other types can adapt and change to suit any need that arises.

Why would I need to know what is scaffolding in construction?

The need to know about scaffolding comes from the number of accidents related to scaffolding that occur each year. Accidents involving scaffolding take the lives of construction workers around the world every year.

While it may not seem like a very high number, it is when you consider that around one third of construction workers that work in hazardous environments die on the job. Most of these deaths could have been prevented if the scaffolds were correctly maintained and inspected on a regular basis.

So, what is scaffolding in construction and why would I need to know what is scaffolding in construction if I was interviewing for a job?

This answer is simple; most construction projects will require the use of scaffolds at some point. If a scaffold is not properly used, collapse can occur and this can be extremely dangerous for those who are working on it.

In addition to the collapse occurring due to an improper use of scaffolding, improper weight distribution can also lead to scaffolding failure and death occurring. If I were doing a job interview and asked what is scaffolding in construction, this is what I would expect to hear.

So now you know what is scaffolding in construction, but what is scaffolding in maintenance?

In the previous article, we touched on the reasons why a construction project may require the use of scaffolding and the reasons why a suspended scaffolding system may be required. Today we are going to discuss maintenance. This area is often overlooked by many construction managers and those who are responsible for construction safety and inspections.

What is scaffolding in maintenance is the preventative aspect of having a well maintained scaffold. Suspended scaffolding is only required if the manmade scaffolding will not collapse and cause bodily harm or death on the workers and other individuals who may be present on the job site.

One example of the type of scaffolding commonly seen in maintenance is the single scaffolding system which provides easy access for inspection and clean up if maintenance or repair needs to occur.

Many construction managers feel that the use of a single scaffold is more cost efficient than using two or more scaffolds which can require additional manpower on the job site. Single scaffolding also allows for scaffolding improvements and add-ons such as the use of safety harnesses and other devices to reduce strain on the workers.

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