How to Fix a Door Latch That Won’t Latch Properly

To protect your valuables and feel safe in your house the door must latch properly into the door jamb. The unfortunate thing is that some doors fail to latch properly. The cool thing is that you can easily correct the problem. How to Fix a Door Latch You should inspect the screws on the door hinges and ensure that they […]

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An Energy Alternative – Free Energy

The debate continues about the possibility of a free energy device. The idea being that, by harnessing the right technology, energy can be generated in a manner that would offer an endless and abundant supply. Although many are debating whether this technology even exists – there are others that have moved forward, having seen these devices in action but are […]

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How To Unblock A Down-Pipe

When it comes to cleaning out your gutters, it takes some considerable time to work out what to do. Most often when your gutters are leaking or your down-pipes are over flowing, then its usually caused by a blocked down-pipe. Generally the down-pipe can be easily blocked by something as simple as a tennis ball or a golf ball. So […]

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