An Energy Alternative – Free Energy

The debate continues about the possibility of a free energy device. The idea being that, by harnessing the right technology, energy can be generated in a manner that would offer an endless and abundant supply. Although many are debating whether this technology even exists – there are others that have moved forward, having seen these devices in action but are asking questions such as how much energy and could it be used on a much larger scale.

So the technology exists but it really has not taken that giant leap forward to be used on a mass scale. For the average homeowner, this is still very good news. Most home owners are not interested in powering large building. If the technology can produce enough energy to run a standard size home, then the questions that we should be asking are how much will it cost and will it be reliable.

The concept of perpetual motion has been around for many years. A machine that once started does not require an external energy source to continue working is not science fiction, but is based on science. The problem that most people have about perpetual motion is that it is difficult to perceive that a machine can continue to operate without any external factors, but in fact, the perpetual motion devices that operate produce more energy than they requires to operate.

It is not uncommon for hydrogen plants to use the energy they produce to continue to operate while the remaining energy is stored and used in our homes, so why is it so difficult to presume that a smaller machine can do the same thing in our very homes.

Magnetic energy is derived from the polar affect that magnets have. This flux of attraction and repulsion allow for motion which in turn can be converted into energy. The technology has not been given a lot of media attention, primarily because the larger corporations cannot see how to manufacture these devices on a large scale and benefit from them. For the average man on the street, these devices are excellent, require very little maintenance and will generate a very reliable and reasonable output.

The home magnetic generator is a fantastic do it yourself project for anyone who has reasonable diy skills and wants to save money on their electricity bill.