Learn How to Build Quick Start Home Solar Panels on Your Own

Be Eco Friendly, Slash bills and Save money With DIY solar panels

With increasing global warming, there is a strong movement to ‘Go Green’, use eco friendly products and utilizing the energy from the sun is one of the best ways to do that. Solar panels for your home is one of the ways of doing that and as an added bonus, you will save money on your electric consumption bills.

Start with DIY Solar Panels in 3 quick Steps

Harnessing solar energy is one of the cleanest, eco friendly and renewable sources of energy that can be used. And more importantly, it’s FREE!

But harvesting solar energy can turn out to be an expensive proposition, IF you call in an expert to do it. Well, if you are ready to put in a little time, add ingenuity and have patience, you can build your own solar panels at less than half the cost.

#1- Research

Look on the Internet and after all, the information highway is the best place to research, read and watch real time videos on putting together solar panels at home. And there is nothing like too much information. There are some excellent guidebooks on low cost solar energy harvesting solutions that we reviewed. You can know more about them to make a well informed decision.

#2- Supplies

It may not be as difficult as you may think to gather the supplies. Most of the diodes and solar cells can be bought off online stores/eBay or even at the local stores. Other raw material can be procured locally. Maybe some items are already lying in your garage!

#3- Assemble

Though homemade panels are easy to make, you don’t really want to rush it and mess it up. It is better that you go through all the instructions in the guide book once before starting out and then again walk- through each step while you assemble it. With some hands on approach, time and patience you will actually start saving money and contribute towards a cleaner environment with DIY home solar panels.