Green Homes and Sustainable Energy

If you are living in an old house, chances are you have several issues on energy saving and efficiency. But don’t let these issues forever burden you, because there are still ways in which sustainable energy can be implemented in an old house and make the house greener. Here are some tips.

Installation of roof-top solar panels

The use of solar energy is being pushed through as an effective way to reduce the use of fossil fuels. In return, the emission of greenhouse gases will also be reduced. State governments have various policies about the installation of roof-top solar panels on residences so make sure you make an inquiry.

There are associated tax rebates that will make you save money and slash portions on your power bill or totally eliminate the bill. This will be dependent on the amount of solar power that you’ll be selling to your grid in excess of your household consumption. In some states, there are grants given to residential applicants in order to facilitate the installation of solar panels.

Use compact fluorescent lamps instead of incandescent

Today’s light industry has recognized that aside from making homes brighter, it also needs to make its products as energy-efficient as possible. As general suggestion, make use of CFLs because they consume less electricity than the traditional fluorescents and incandescent.

Make way for natural wind and light to enter your house

Consume less electricity by providing natural wind and light inside your house. With some window repair, you can let the cool wind and warm sunlight enter the house when needed. You can spare some time running the air conditioner and fans or turning the lights on. When their running times are reduced, you can also save some amount on your power bill.

Utilize your garden to make it a factory of fresh air.

Fresh air is very important to make a house breathe. Without it, the air circulating inside the house will be full of impurities. Let fresh air be of regular circulation with the help of your garden. Turn it into a factory of clean and breathable air by planting considerable amount of trees, shrubs, and herbs. Plants, through their leaves, filter air pollutants.

Consult an energy-efficiency professional

Energy-efficiency professionals are special persons who have the skills, knowledge, and proper training in the field of energy management and conservation. They can offer proper advice and tips as to what your house needs in order to maximize its potential towards energy efficiency.