Hardwood Flooring-Advantages & Disadvantages

Having constructed a New House, or renovated an Old one most of the People are confronted with a variety of flooring materials to choose. But none will ever come close to the good Old Hardwood which happens to be the best Flooring for more than Hundreds of years. The time has tested many Hardwood Floors laid Centuries ago still keeping very good shape, color, and strength for centuries to come.

Many conventional alternatives to the Hardwood as a Flooring material are relatively new on the Market, and they can never come near the Hardwood Flooring which adds unsurpassed beauty and value to the House as time passes.

When compared to Hardwood Flooring the best next alternative is the Carpet. It has many problems like trapping of dust and dirt in it making cleaning difficult and slowly the carpet start looking bad and aggravates people’s allergies over time. Next choosing a carpet of light color will also create difficulty in cleaning and maintaining. Light color carpets get stained quickly by dropped food or drink, even expensive cleaning products will not help over here.

It’s totally different with Hardwood Flooring, because it is easy to clean and maintain irrespective of its color. It is no problem whether it is a light colored or dark colored or any color, the color remains the same in wood for a very long time. Unlike in Carpets and other floor Coverings dirt and stain never stick to Hardwood. Hardwood Floors that also tend to have interesting natural patterns, which are usually much better than the flowery or swirl-patterned carpets they replace. Hardwood is very strong and tough and even if heavy objects are dropped or placed on it, it never gets dent or scratched.

There are disadvantages in using Hardwood Floors too. That is, it is expensive, because only natural materials can be used instead of synthetic ones. It takes time to set Hardwood Flooring in the house as it has to be laid in Strips or Planks. Moreover the Wood loses its shine over time, giving a dull look to the Floor. Sometimes the Hardwood flooring becomes slippery and dangerous to walk on in Socks.

Many people like Hardwood Flooring than other flooring, because there is more advantages than disadvantages. The Hardwood Flooring is the highest quality floor and the Wood you use for the Hardwood flooring must be of the highest quality if not the amount spent to maintain the Floor, will be many times more than the amount saved by going in for a lesser quality Hardwood for the Flooring.