5 Ways To Save Money On Your Home Heating Bills

As the cold season approaches, we prepare ourselves for the heavy heating bills. But is there any way to cut down on the heating bills? Well, you can reduce the bills if you take a closer look at your house to spot any problem areas. By fixing the problem areas, you can save a great deal of money.

1) Replace Worn Weather-stripping

Usually, cold air gets in the house through torn or broken weather stripping around your room doors and windows. As a matter of fact, as much as 12% of the heat leaks out through the torn weather stripping. As a result, you have to turn up your furnace or heater in order to keep the temperature in the room high enough.

Even if you don’t turn up the heater, you lose warm air making your heater work harder. So, make sure you replace or repair your worn weather stripping as soon as possible. Ideally, you may want to do it before the winter season approaches.

2) Adjust The Door Thresholds

Can you see the daylight underneath the door of your room? If you can, you are losing a lot of warm air. The door should be in touch with that threshold or the air will keep going out through the space.

In some thresholds, there are 4-5 screws allowing you to make adjustments to the height, so you can get rid of the gap. What you need to do is turn the screws until you see almost no daylight. While a little bit of light won’t cause any problem, if the threshold is too high, it may make it harder to open or close the door. Moreover, make sure the door doesn’t drag or it may wear out your expensive weather stripping.

3) Cover Windows and Patio Doors with Plastic Film

In most homes, warm air leaks through patio doors and windows. So, what you need to do is cover the patio doors and windows with transparent plastic film. By covering the doors and windows with plastic, you can cut down on your heating bills by up to 14%.

4) Buy a Portable Heater

If you use a furnace to heat up your rooms, you may want to buy a portable heater instead. The heater will be an ideal choice for a place where all of your family members get together, such as the living room. Again, this will save you plenty of money.

5) Eliminate Drafts Around Electrical Boxes

Heat may escape through the drafts around the power boxes in the walls since insulation isn’t placed around it properly. For stopping the heat leakage, you should fill the gaps around each box using latex caulk. If you see some bigger gaps, you may go for foam sealant. You can then put a good quality foam gasket on each switch or outlet and cover them with the plates once again.

So, these are a few simple tips you can use to bring your heating bills down and save a good deal of money with ease.