6 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Boiler

A quality boiler can last well over 15 years, but that doesn’t mean it will function smoothly throughout this time. As years pass, the boiler will work harder to heat your home, losing efficiency and functionality.

If you have got a boiler that is less efficient, it only means that you are losing money by the minute. In addition, it poses a safety risk to your property and to everyone living there. You are best off replacing your boiler. It will give you peace of mind and make it work better. But what are the signs you need to watch out for?

A very old boiler – first thing you know, even without experts telling you, is the age of the boiler. If yours is 15 years or older, it is definitely a good thing to replace it. Even if it is well-serviced and maintained, you don’t want to keep an outdated boiler around, as it is not efficient. Advancements in technology always provide better and more efficient boilers and it is wise to invest in them.

It doesn’t heat up quickly – this is an obvious sign that shows you should either call for boiler repair services or replace your existing boiler. Modern boilers heat almost instantly, which means that you shouldn’t put up with such a problem, when it is so easily fixable. Nobody wants to wait for the property to warm up or for hot water to come through.

More repairs needed – another sign for replacement needed is when your boiler is in need of frequent repairs. If you often have to top up or reset the pressure in your boiler, it may be a wise thing to replace it. It is true that the cost of replacement may be great, but in case you are already spending a lot on repairs, then it is definitely better.

Your home isn’t warm – if, during the cold seasons of the year, your house feels cold with the heating switched on, it may be your boiler that is responsible. You should call for heating engineers to investigate the issue. However, if your radiators are in good working order, then the boiler is the likely cause of this problem and it should be replaced.

There is a smell coming from the boiler – if there is a faint smell coming from the boiler, it means that it is emitting carbon monoxide. If the issue is caused by the boiler not burning properly, you may notice some dark marks on the casing of the boiler. Be on the lookout and take action immediately as you see such spots.

Your boiler makes noises – if there is an unusual noise coming from your boiler, you will know. There may be several causes for this, with wear and tear of the fan and pump being the most common. Get professionals on the case to see if there is need for a replacement.

Take these signs for replacing your boiler seriously as you don’t want to be caught up by surprise. Getting a new boiler is often the best solution.