Learn All About the Diverse Carbon Heater!

If you suddenly find yourself in need of an efficient space heater, perhaps it’s time you turned towards the ever popular carbon heater. The carbon heater is a class of infrared heaters that are quite cheap to come by. They are also very useful in cold climates as they serve as efficient alternatives to central heating systems. Read on to learn more about carbon heaters to see if this is the best option for you.

Components of a carbon heater

As mentioned earlier, these heaters are a type of infrared heater. This means they emit different wavelengths of radiation to excite and heat up air molecules in the immediate surroundings. These heaters are distinct, in that the coils that make up the heater are made of carbon filament as opposed to tungsten filament. The result of using a carbon filament is that it takes longer to heat up and hence draws more power. However, the advantage of using a carbon filament is that the device will last much longer and require lesser maintenance.

Besides the heating element (filament) there are no other major components in a carbon heater like fans, aluminum plates, etc. The carbon filament heats the air in place. As a result, the hot air tends to rely on natural properties to rise and move around the area.

Disadvantages of carbon heaters

Also, radiation from these filaments is usually unidirectional. Therefore one obvious disadvantage in a carbon heater is that you must be right in front of the heater to receive maximum benefit. Another more worrisome issue with filament heaters is that prolonged exposure to the infrared radiation could have adverse effects on skin and eyes of the user. So it is important to beware of all the issues associated with a carbon heater before purchasing one.

Advantages and uses of these heaters

The primary advantage of these heaters is that they can be heated to surprisingly high temperatures and take a very short amount of time to heat up to the desired temperature (1 – 2 seconds).

While these heaters can be used for personal heating, the commercial heaters can be used to treat plastic (shrinking, welding, etc.), keep captive, animal offspring warm, or even for cooking. Based on each of the uses, we see a difference in the type of radiation emitted or screened and the maximum temperature at which the device can operate.

Keeping in mind all this information, if you feel these heaters will service you the best, go ahead and contact your nearest seller today!