Crab Pool Mosaics

Mosaic artists deserve credit; there’s no doubt about it. Pool mosaic artisans use your pool as a gigantic blank slate to create unique designs; whales, fun fish, and even crabs.

Whether the medium is ceramic, glass or porcelain, your finished piece brings life to any pool—seasoned mosaic craftspeople design numerous styles to suit your taste. You’re all set with mosaics whether you prefer oceans, mandalas, elegance, or whimsical. 

Half the fun is exploring! Who knows what you can find? It’s all about you and the things you enjoy.

Who’s Crabby? Not You, That’s Who

You may think you should follow everyone else and maintain a certain decorum, but how fun can that be if you’d rather have something fun and quirky? Consider crab pool mosaics. Have you seen the insanely fun crabs crouching in the pool corner, itching to tweak you where it counts? 

Who’d have thought mosaics could make you laugh out loud? You could even post a sign warning your guests to look out for crabs! Come on in; the crabs are fine.  

Imagine bringing Christmas Island National Park and the Australian annual crab migration to your backyard. Add enough mosaics to your pool, and those crabs could chase even the crabbiest crabs away. 

Your guests will have a blast while watching out for those crabs with their bug eyes, waiting to pounce on your toes or scamper under a rock. Or not. Poor mosaics; they’ll have no choice but to let you walk all over them 

Did someone say crabs? Crab mosaics come in several sizes, from a tiny 8 x 4 inches to the massive 60” x 32”, which means you can have one enormous maneater or several, depending on your taste. Drawn butter, anyone?  


Meanwhile, crabs don’t get to have all the fun. Go ahead and say it: “Save the whales.” Well, save the mosaics, or at least protect the ones that look like whales.

Did you know that whale watching was a 2 billion dollar sport last year? Go ahead, charter a boat; invite your friends, stand beside your pool, and boom, you’ve seen a whale. Up close! How’s that for a line of work? 

Of course, you could always jump in and swim with the whales. And here’s the good news: these whales don’t bite. You don’t need to have your photo taken with a trophy whale because your whale is a mosaic, and it lives in your pool. You get to see it every day.

Handcrafted ceramic tile mosaics offer a stunning celebration of the sea. Imagine a mosaic arriving pre-assembled for easy installation for a whale of a mosaic!

Fun Fish Pair

Swimming alone is fun, but there’s nothing better than swimming with your bestie. Especially when you don’t have to worry about getting caught! Somewhere out there is a Fun Fish Pair mosaic that looks like they are having the time of their lives. 

Everyone knows there’s safety in numbers; even fish know that. It’s the ultimate defense against birds, fish, and other predators.

Most fish swim in pools, but some dwell in pairs because the more fish there are, the safer they are. Fun fish mosaics don’t worry about threats; they frolic in teams simply because it’s fun. 

You can escape with a pool mosaic every time you step outside into your marina. But don’t close your eyes! You’ll want to see your pool in living color while you vacay to your backyard Bahamas or Christmas Island. Fun mosaics are the best way to add some whales, fun fish, or even crabs.

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