Ahhh, Spring – What You Need to Maintain at This Time of Year

As we begin to enjoy the Spring season, we subconsciously know that with a change of seasons comes a new “to do” list. So let’s get started…


• check and seal the decks-check the steps and rails for loose or damaged boards and raised nails

• service the sprinkler system

• open the outside hose connection shutoffs

• check that the grading of the soil and hard surfaces slopes away from the foundation

• check the exterior of your home for the conditions of the paint, caulk and putty

• clean the gutters and make sure downspouts are attached and extended

• inspect the roof materials and roof flashings

• check the chimney for damage to the cap, flashing, masonry

• inspect and clean the siding

• inspect vents, chimneys and other protected areas for bird and insect nests

• clean window and door screens-repair or replace damaged screens

• inspect the weather stripping around doors, windows and the garage doors and repair as necessary

• inspect the foundation for cracks, moisture and insects

• trim trees and shrubs away from the home


• check the bathroom grout, caulk, and tile for damage

• clean the bathroom exhaust fans and grills – make sure it the fans exhaust outside and not into the attic

• draw sediments from the hot water heater as needed

• inspect the water heater’s temperature pressure relief valve for signs of leaking or discharge

• clean the lint from the clothes dryer duct and from the unit per the manufacturers instructions


• clean the range hood filter and wash the flan blades

• clean the refrigerator’s coil, drain pan, and check the drain


• turn off the humidifier and water supply and switch the humidifier’s duct damper from winter to a summer setting as needed

• clean the dehumidifier and start its operation in the basement as needed

• check the basement for any signs of leaks, mildew or condensation

• check for adequate ventilation in the crawl spaces to remove any excess moisture

• test the sump pump to make sure it removes water from the sump hole


• check the attic for signs of leaks, mildew, and condensation

• check whole-house fan – clean blades, lubricate, check belt

Air Conditioning

• have an air conditioning professional check the condenser unit to be sure it is level and clean and check the condensate drain to make sure it is clean and draining

• clean or change the air conditioner filter (unless it is a special type)

• adjust any duct dampers for a switch from heating to cooling if necessary

• high & low returns – open high returns and close low returns for the cooling season

• turn on the power 24 hours before operation – keep the thermostat off during this period


• replace smoke and CO detector batteries