Lead Paint and Asbestos Information

You may not know it but you are probably living in a home filled with substances that can harm you and your family. This is why it is essential that you check the labels of the materials you are going to use before using them. Lead paint and asbestos are just few of the things that can cause health issues. Here are vital information to help you.

Lead paint:

In lead based paints contains lead. This is a heavy metal but used as pigment in paints. They help in speeding up the drying of the paint when applied. In addition to that, it helps improve the quality of paint. This is why manufacturers have used it in earlier years. However, it has been discovered that lead paint can cause adverse effects on the home dwellers. Even in small amount, it can deter the development of the child.

The paint pose hazard to children but will affect the adults as well. Children exposed to lead can suffer from irreversible brain damage. It will also affect how their brain functions. This is why it is essential that children are monitored especially those who have lived in old houses. This is to detect symptoms of lead poisoning, which is commonly mistaken as symptoms of other diseases.

To be certain that your home is free from lead, you can have it tested. There are kits available in the market today with easy to follow guide. You can also consult a professional to check your home. There is a simple procedure used by professionals. If your lead is discovered, replace the item right away. You can also cover the paint using a sealant. You may also have the lead paint removed. Talk to a professional to make sure that you take the most appropriate step.


Asbestos is among the useful materials. It has been used in floor tiles, roof shingles, brake pads and more. It also commonly used in homes and offices for different purposes. Although it is useful, asbestos also cause health hazards to individuals exposed to it especially if it gets in the lungs. It can lead to lung cancer, heart failures and other health problems.

Since asbestos pose serious health threats, it is essential that preventive measures be taken. Building owners should see to it that the vicinity is asbestos free. Contractors, on the other hand, should also be vigilant in checking the area. If someone suspects the presence of asbestos, then the area should be tested immediately.

You can deal with asbestos in several manners. The actions to be taken depends on several factors. You will need to remove the material with asbestos if it is damaged. You also need to remove it if the area with asbestos will be affected. However, managing asbestos may be better if the material will not be affected in any way.

It is important that we know the materials at home. If we are not armed with the information we need, then we will surely put our family and ourselves at risk.