Drainage Issue: A Big Threat to Your Peaceful Life

The functioning of the main source of the drainage system must be proper. If the main source is facing any problem, then it can have severe effects, on the other attached equipment too. Regular maintenance is the solution to avoid these issues. Every machine needs regular maintenance if we want it to work for a long time.

Similar is the case of the plumbing and sewer system. It is the heart of the house. If something goes wrong with it, our house comes to a standstill. We won’t want all the filthy water and muck to come in the house. Thus, we need to keep the drainage and sewer system functioning properly. To avoid the problems, we need to first understand what problem we need to look out for.

The major problems which a sewer system can face are:

Pipe Erosion: Over the time, drainage pipes can start to decay. Usually these pipes are very sturdy and have a long life. But these pipes are usually installed many years ago and many of them must have reached the end of their lifespan. Natural phenomenon, the chemicals which flow through the sewage, etc. are the reasons for the decaying of the pipes. As the pipe grows old, it starts weakening. It can rust or de-scale which leads to pipe thinning and eventually, the pipe will fail.

Root intrusion: As sewer pipeline is situated underground, it is in close proximity of tree roots. The roots are drawn towards the water source and the sewer line is rich with nutrients and water. So, the roots start growing towards the pipeline. They try to penetrate in the pipe and start growing there. Once, the roots enter the sewage line, they grow there and completely block the pipeline. This blockage is the main reason of sewage line failure.

Blockages in the pipeline: Tree root intrusion is not the only reason for the blockages in the pipe. Many times, we drop something in the pipeline, which creates a major obstruction in the pipeline. So, we need to be careful as not throw any solid waste like, plastic toys, sanitary items, diapers, etc. in the drainage line. Along with this, the pipeline also gets clogged due to the collection of the grime overtime in the pipe. Many times the substances flowing through the pipe, can get stuck to it. And they remain there. Over time, it grows so much that it blocks the pipe completely. Removing these sticky substances is not easy.

Damage to the pipeline: The sewage pipeline has to endure many things and that is the reason for the damages to it. Being underground, the sewage pipeline can get damaged by the natural occurrence. The seasonal change can make the soil to shift and this shift causes the pipe to crack. Also, if something sharp or hard flows through the pipe, it can do extensive damage to the pipe and lead to leakage.

The above problems may not cause any immediate damage, but when they do cause any damage, it would be major. So, it’s always better to look out and be on guard. Drainage and sewer problem can be very costly and they take a lot of time to get repaired. To avoid these issues, frequent sewer cleaning is necessary. If you do periodic surveys of the sewer and drainage system, you would be able to avert any major damage to the pipeline and in turn to your house. Sewer and drain cleaning is necessary for smooth functioning of drainage system.