How to Get Quotes for a Home Extension or Addition?

Choosing a contractor to extend your home can be a big decision, as it’s very likely that a lot of things can go wrong with the wrong choice. Fortunately, though, there are things you can do to prevent pitfalls and get a competitive quote from a reliable and leading service provider in the industry.

Research and Recommendations

Browse through the internet, flip over the pages of magazines, and check out online directories and yellow pages to compile a list of service providers. Also, don’t hesitate to discuss about your home extension or renovation ideas with your friends, relatives or neighbours. Besides giving you valuable home suggestions, they could even recommend you the best building contractors in the region.

Check the Authenticity and Professionalism of the Company

Now you’ve got the list, the next step is to perform a background check to ensure the authority of these companies. Make sure that they are licensed and can carry out works within stipulated time frame and budget. It would be an added advantage, if they hold accreditations from prestigious organisations like the Federation of Master Builders.


Once you’ve done the preliminary checks, get in touch with the contractors to directly speak to them about the project and request a quote with detailed estimates. Be sure to ask a lot of questions pertaining to everything from references, budget, obtaining building permits, insurance and work guarantee to the type of materials used for the construction.

Evaluation of Quotes and Selection

Carefully analyse the quotes and be sure to clarify any doubt that may arise during the evaluation process. Equally vital is to negotiate for the best pricing and also ensure that no hidden fee is attached. After zeroing in on your preferred contractor, have a personal meeting with them. If you’re completely convinced and satisfied with your service provider, you can take this a step further by signing the contract, which should clearly mention the start and completion date and overall project cost.