Need Extra Storage Space? Renovate Your Closets!

My grandmother always said, “You can never have too much storage.” The more people I get to know, the more I see how right she is. With the influx of products available at our fingertips, we’ve become a culture of hoarding. Maybe it won’t get to the terrifying point of people on television shows, but let’s face it: we need more storage. If you’re looking for a way to organize all of your stuff and keep it out of the view of guests, installing organization in your closets might be your best bet.

Why Renovate My Closets?

If you’re like the majority of people, you’ve got a lot of stuff in your closets. Each time you open the doors, your stuff might even fall on top of your head! Things can get lost in a crowded closet, leaving some of your favorite clothes unworn or family artifacts forgotten. What you need is some rhyme and reason to organizing your items. Adding in some shelving, cubbies, and even hidden compartments would make your life so much easier. You can hang your clothes, organize your shoes into different cubbies, stack sheets neatly, and even organize some knick-knacks if that’s your thing, all within easy reach and with plenty of space for anything that needs a home.

Can I Renovate My Space Myself?

Some box retailers sell closet organization kits, but those aren’t usually the best quality and are cheaply made. Your best bet is to get a professional to custom build a system and then install it for you. Trust me, it’ll last a whole lot longer that way.

Installing additional bars or shelves can pose unexpected problems when you are an amateur. Sure, you can install shelving in your closets yourself, but will you be able to do so without damaging your sheetrock? You probably already have a hanging bar in there and some shelves above. Are you planning on removing those or leaving them there and trying to just work around them? Chances are you’ve got a light in your closet, too. Are you familiar with electrical wires and how to handle them? If you’ve answered negatively or aren’t sure, you need to hire an expert.

Installing an organizational closet will open up the place, giving a bit of air and elegance to your previously drab storage space. Your friends and family will be envious of your new renovation, and you will once again have dominion over your possessions. Honestly, who wouldn’t want that?