What to Expect During a Roof Restoration in 2021?

The depth of the restoration depends on the condition of the roof. It also depends on the material.

Most roof restorations involve a 4-step efficient process.

  1. Inspection
  • Your roofing contractor makes a complete inspection of the roof, inside and outside. During this inspection, the contractor checks the roof framing for weakness.
  • After the initial inspection, the contractor gives you their assessment of whether or not restoration is right for your roof. And they’ll give you a cost estimate. The inspection should take about an hour.
  1. Cleaning
  • The cleaning serves two purposes. First, it removes years of dirt, mold, and grime from the surface. They’ll also clear out dirt from all the gutters when they do this.
  • Second, cleaning the roof with water provides a good way to check for leaks. They’ll inspect the inside of the roof after cleaning to see if any water came through. Then they’ll add those areas to the repair list.
  1. Repairs
  • After cleaning, they’ll tackle the repairs. Depending on how damaged the roof is, this can take up to a day.
  • Your contractor makes repairs on the interior or exterior of the roof as needed. And depending on the type of roof, tiles, shingles, or metal sheets may need to be replaced.
  1. Coating
  • After repairs, a chemical coating is applied to the roof. This process usually takes only a few hours and is the key to protecting your roof for the long run. It protects it from water penetration, rust formation, and gives it an extra layer of insulation.
  • The coating depends on the type of roof you have. A roofer uses a different coating on a metal roof than they would on a tile roof.

Treat Your Roof Right with a Restoration


Once your roof restoration is complete, your roof will have a new lease on life! It will look and work better once it’s repaired and coated. And it will last you many more years before you need a complete replacement.

Restoring a roof means you save yourself time and money. You’ll keep more waste out of the landfill. And you’ll improve the energy efficiency of your home.

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