Padlocks Of The Future

In the past I have written about the future of locks in general. In this article I want to explore the future of padlocks. Padlocks come in many different shapes and sizes and are constructed of many different type of material. They are all mechanical in nature, even today’s so called electronic padlocks must have mechanical components.

So what will tomorrow’s padlocks look like? I believe that they will be very similar in appearance as today’s padlocks and they will have mechanical components. The very nature of a padlock and how it works will warrant some type of hasp so that it will be able to secure whatever it is attached to.

The future padlock will not have a key as we use today. Instead it will probably be biometric. This means that the lock will operate with your fingerprint, palm print or maybe a combination. I don’t think that an iris scan will be used, only because the padlock itself can be anywhere. There might not be enough light for an iris scan to work properly.

I think that this will be a progression, starting with some type of advanced electronic padlock. Today’s electronic padlocks operate with an electronic key that mates with the padlock body. Once this electronic handshake takes place you are able to operate the padlock. The progression will be in the electronics and what they are able to do. You will find audit control, multiple users and the ability to be added into other electronic locking systems.

Most all of these padlocks will have either a motor or solenoid to release the shackle to lock or unlock the padlock and have access to whatever it is securing. This will be the mechanical parts of the padlock.

Future padlocks will be able to communicate wirelessly to a central control computer so that its status will be known. The central control will be able know if the padlock it locked or open and for how long. There could also be remote lockout capabilities and the ability to approve new users. If fingerprints are used to operate the padlock, then those would be on file at the central computer. This is what would control the entry not only to a padlock, but to any other lock; such as door locks and deadbolt locks anywhere in the building or complex.

The future in locks and securing doors is doubling every year, so the future will be here very soon.