How to Paint Your Garage Door Like a Pro

After a certain period of time, your garage door will inevitably lose its original finish. This doesn’t mean that you have to replace it. You can easily make it look like new by simply applying a few coats of paint. This assignment is relatively simple, time-effective and could easily be conducted by enthusiastic do-it-yourselfers. Follow the guidelines listed below to obtain more than satisfactory results that will stand the test of time.

Timing Is Everything

As difficult as it may seem, do everything in your power to plan the whole process. Make sure you paint your garage door only when the weather conditions are favorable. If it’s too hot or too cold outside, it is advisable to postpone this project. Also, direct sunlight and excessive humidity can have a negative effect on the results of your work, so always listen to the weather forecast before giving the green light to this assignment.

Clean the Door and Prep It for Painting

Start by cleaning the garage door properly. Professional painters rely on special cleaning products to complete this phase; however if you are have limited financial possibilities and want to save as much money as possible, clean the entire surface with a mix of hot water and dish soap.

Use a sponge to scrub the area until you manage to remove even the most stubborn dirt particles. You can save time and effort by utilizing a power washer. Keep in mind that a filthy door is much more difficult to paint and can lead to an uneven, unattractive finish. Next, sand off the old, chipped coat of paint. Use painter’s tape to outline the surface that you’re planning to repaint.

Apply a high-quality primer with a big roller. If you need to distribute paint in small, tight areas, use a tiny brush for high-precision applications. A good primer comes in handy, especially if you wish to repaint your garage door in a completely different color. You could also go in favor of premium paints with built-in primers: they are widely available and very convenient. In any case, a great primer will enable you to obtain an even color matching and even exceeding your aesthetic requirements.

Start Painting like a Real Artist

Purchase paint that is suitable for outdoor applications. A latex-based product is considered an exceptional candidate for this job by most painters. After prepping and priming the surface, you can start to apply the first coat of paint with a roller. If you’re going for light colors, multiple coats of paint may be required. Let the first coat dry naturally before applying the second one. Repeat this process until you finally obtain the desirable results. Afterwards, just remove the tape and clean the surrounding areas. Eliminate paint stains as soon as possible; once they dry, they are difficult to remove.

If you have very little faith in your painting skills or if you’d rather let a real expert do the heavy lifting, discuss your options with a local painter and opt for professional services in your price range.